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Use your (vision) Live.
Be smart.


A new design.

A new simple and economical way to share someone’s vision and know-how remotely, to explore and make new experiences.
The connected camera eyeglasses Tikaway enriches our vision as never before. Your captures are unique, so share them on Live.

Une vraie paire de lunettes.

The perfect harmony between technology and design.

Designed in France

in France





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Design and tech.

Style. Technology on top.

Be the first one to wear a pair of glasses combining design, comfort and precision. Simply wear them to start the experience. A stabilized vision, a unique result.
Its finishes is unique, designed by on of the most renown French glasses designer. It is a real technological gem, it fits your style and offers you a 100% French design.



When technology adapts.
To you. To your vision.

Whether you prefer your glasses adapted to your vision, transparent, solar, or even in color, our pair of glasses will adapt to your desires. We are the first pair of glasses giving you an optimal visual comfort.

Go to your optician. Technology has no limit, our vision either.

A skilled balance.

Technology and miniaturization.

If the Tikaway pair of glasses looks like a classic pair of glasses, it’s because our requirement to miniaturize at their best the electronic components while offering designed glasses was flawless.

From now on, when you will capture a picture or a video, you will have a very handy tool, transportable everywhere and very enjoyable to wear. An experience of freedom and exceptional comfort, never seen yet, at an eye reach.

Dimension de la paire de lunettes
Dimension de la paire de lunettes

A unique experience.

An exceptional simplicity.
Only 2 boutons, not more.

Wifi Bluetooth Micro USB

WiFi / Bluetooth Micro USB

16Go de stockage

16GB storage capacity

Autonomie Batterie

Autonomous battery

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Simplicity at your fingertips.

Wear them, look up to the right, they easily communicate with you, through 3 different colors : green, blue and red. These colors and their combinations will allow you to understand different messages : they are switched on/ off, in photo/video/Bluetooth mode, low level battery… It has never been so easy to capture and share what you see.

lunettes caméra LED


Everything is accessible !

All captures, without exception, are in your Smartphone. It is easier to look over them, watch and share them. It is even easier to discover each one’s point of view. Your point of view is unique. Share it, instantly.

lunettes caméra portée


Smooth experience, optimized utilization.

The Tikaway pair of glasses offers you a 16GB stockage capacity. For a pair of glasses it features a rare performance of speed. Need a quick charge? Connect your pair of glasses to a battery holding easily in your pocket and enjoy an extra 6 hours video autonomy.

It features a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (1,3GHZ) processor and 1GB Ø RAM, it offers one of the smoothest experience for an optimum use.

Stockage 16 Go

Stockage 16GB

Central Processing Unit

CPU 1,33 GHz



A broader vision.

Enhanced emotions.

Caméra Full HD

Full HD

Ange de vue de 100 degrés

Wide angle



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Module caméra isolée

Your vision.

YA tailored made video camera for a unique result. It features a full HD resolution (1080p 30fps) and a picture of high quality (5Mps), added to 100 view angle bringing you that much closer to the human vision.

In other words, we provide you with the most powerful lens present in video camera glasses.
Your captures will finally be the reflect of your vision, more realistic than ever. You’re wearing the most developed tool currently in existence to immortalize your point of view.

5 Megapixels

5 Mpx

Ouverture focale

Apertures F 2.1

Caméra HD


A dedicated application.

The connected experience.
Live added.

Différentes vue de l'application Tikaway
Outils de retouche et de montage de vos captures

Edit photo and video.

Une application Live

Live Streaming

Partager sur vos réseaux


En savoir plus sur l'application
Mock up de l'application lorsque l'on connecte la paire de lunettes

In Live mode.

A new way to share

Experience live. Be where you would like to be.
Whether you are a technician, a plumber, an expert, a real estate agent, a parent, an adventurer, …
Enhance your experiences, no need to go to your business, just act as quick as possible. Share with your co-workers everywhere, at any time, for optimal efficiency. Share collaboration and life moments, also interaction. In real time, as if you were there.

Communicate Differently.

Experience, enjoy, share

Vision is a useful tool and each of us has a talent or a skill to share, Tikaway give you the opportunity to be totally free to share your vision and enrich the people around you.
Wherever you are, you can share, see through the eyes of someone else, perform a teamwork, enjoy new experiences that you would have never dared live fully thoroughly before.
You will never be alone again.

Mise en situation de l'application Tikaway

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