A turnkey or personal offer for your specific needs

A turnkey offer

We offer a packaged offer that meets all of your needs

Hubs et QR Code

Hubs & QR Code

Statistiques & tracking

Statistics & tracking

Espace Live Assistance Tikaway

Live Support

Support your operators and customers without having to live your office with our technical support dedicated features.

Caméras connectées

Connected cameras

Notification SMS & mail

Text and Email alerts

Assistance dédiée

Dedicated support

Enregistrement & replay

Recording & replay

Sécurité avancée

Advanced security



 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Business model

Our tools are available as an annual license. The equipment is on the purchase. (attention à la faute en français, licence annuelle).

Commercial discount

We offer discounts based on quantities. We discuss it together according to your needs.

Try outs

We offer a test offer (POC) before deployment.

Delivery and deadlines

We have stock to deliver to you within 48 hours in France and a few days worldwide. When you subscribe for the first time, we provide remote or on-site support. Our teams are available to do this immediately or upon receipt of your equipment.

Personalized offer

We provide a study of your use cases in order to define your needs and our most suitable tools. Our packaged offer corresponds to 95% of industrial needs. For the remaining 5% we do tailor-made.

Any more questions?

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