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The Tikaway pair of glasses.

What is camera’s performance ?

The image quality is 1080p-30fps
It is possible to film in 720p, 480p, WVGA The field of view (FOV) is 100°
Good quality image in low-light (F=2.4)

What is the image quality ?

The image quality is 5Mpx with a 2560 x 1920 screen resolution.

Is it possible to use the pair of glasses without smartphone ?

It is possible to only use the Tikaway glasses alone. In this case, photos and videos are stored on the internal memory of the pair of glasses. They featured 16Go of storage. You can then harvest data using a USB key.

Will the Tikaway glasses suit me ?

We have created one model, unisex with standard dimensions, as mentioned in the
« product description » page. We collaborated with a French spectacles maker so they adapt to the size and shape of each face.

Can lenses suit to my vision ?

Yes, you can go to your optician with your prescription to adjust vision lenses.
Also fits in solar lenses (with or without correction), photochromic lenses or even lenses with unusual colors.

What is the autonomy ?

If not in use, the glasses automatically switch to standby mode and it has a 4 days power reserve. You can record 2h in video mode and 1h20 in live streaming.

How to charge the glasses ?

You can charge your glasses via the micro USB port.

Is the glasses under warranty ?

Yes, the Tikaway glasses are provided a 2 year warranty.

Is it possible to record audio ?

Yes, the glasses featured a microphone. We are also working on a device that allows you to connect the microphone of your choice (lavalier microphone, professional microphone).

Are there several models ?

Today we have designed a model inspired by the favorite French shape (Pantos). A unique model is available and adapts to both men and women.

Is the pair of glasses available in different colors ?

At the present day, we propose 2 differents colours :
black and white with matte finish

In what weather conditions can I use the glasses ?

The glasses are resistant to rain (even very heavy ones) and to sweat. They can be used between 5°F to 104°F.

How to switch on/off and take picture/video ?

The glasses features two buttons. Press-and-hold on Button-1 allows to switch on/off.
Press Button-2 to switch on the video mode. A long press-and-hold on that same button allows you to take a picture. This process can be changed through the Tikaway application.

What indications do the 3 LED give me ?

A 3 colors LED (green, red, blue) LED is positioned on the inside of the right stems, visible when glasses are worn. This allows you to be informed of the battery status, to know if a picture/movie is being captured, and to know the storage status.

What is included in the glasses packaging ?

The glasses are provided with a pair of sun glasses, a pair of clear lens glasses and the micro USB cable.

How to know if the memory is full ?

The LED indicates when the memory is 95% full. Moreover at any time you can view the level of storage via the mobile app.

How to know if the battery is low ?

It is possible to make the LED flick to indicate low battery level.
The level can also be viewed via the mobile app.

The Tikaway application.

On which smartphones is the application available ?

The application is available on Android and IOS. We will inform you as soon as it is available on Windows mobile.

In which languages is it available ?

French and English.

On which media can I share my pictures ?

Via the Tikaway application, you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Others media will soon be available.

How to broadcast live ?

Either by connecting the glasses to your smartphone Wifi (hotspot mode), or by connecting it to residential gateway Wifi.
For the time being, live broadcast is done on Youtube live. We are working to make the live compatible with Facebook live and our own Tikaway network (as well as other network such as Périscope).

Which setting can I modify ?

You can adjust the camera picture quality, the view angle, switch on/off Bluetooth and Wifi, set the Wifi and Bluetooth passwords. Other settings are currently under development.
You can also check the battery status, and storage.


How far along is the project at this time ?

We’ve finalized prototype-A, and thus checked the technological feasibility and the miniaturization of components. We are finalizing prototype-B (which add aesthetic improvements, autonomy, waterproof protection and camera picture quality improvements).
We have also defined our factories, our electronic and mechanical suppliers to move into the industrialization phase this summer. Once prototype- B valid (in June) we could start to industrial production. You will be informed of progresses in real time on social media and via the newsletter.

When will we be delivered ?

Delivery is scheduled for late September. At the present day the project is on schedule, we will inform you of progress via the newsletter and social media.

In what countries do you deliver ?

So far we will deliver in Europe, USA, Canada. Other countries are yet to come.

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