The simple and complete and remote technical support solution 

The platform is dedicated to remote technical support.
The tools provided were made to optimize comprehension and information sharing.

Video Quality, zero latency

Our algorithms compress the video for optimal quality even with low bandwidth.


The security of your information is a priority in the industrial environment. This is a key point of our solution: End-to-end encrypted video stream (AES 256 bit), P2P protocol, …

Nothing to install

Accessible sur smartphone, tablette, PC, sans installation. Très simple à mettre en place.

Live Assistance Tikaway

Desktop sharing

Share your screen our take control of a computer remotely

Live pointer

The expert displays a pointer, which he moves with his trackpad, on the technician / customer screen.

Pictures & Annotations

The 2 interlocutors can take pictures during the live (HD quality), annotate them and share them.

Support Center

Intervention requests arrive on the platform, your experts are notified. They can take calls live or schedule video assistance. Here you access the intervention reports and the history.


When a request arrives, the relevant expert is notified by text message and email.

Live video

Support requests on live video via our platform

Centre d’assistance Tikaway


Plan interventions with your customers/operators

Report / messaging

Intervention report for follow-up between experts and technicians. Messaging to reinforce your customers relationship.

Historic and analytics

Find, filter and access all interventions. Access their analyzes.

All our tools at your disposal

Before an intervention, your technicians / customers seek information to help them out. We have created an easy-to-use technical document management space. During an intervention, your technicians / customers need to have their hands free to work. We have created connected cameras adapted to your use cases.

Documents techniques dématérialisées

Dematerialized technical documentation

Data hubs to make technical resources available on the field, on your equipment, in your factories.

Content aggregator

User manuals, tutorial videos, intervention report etc. are stored in the Tikaway cloud, but you can also insert any other element from any source from the web.

Secured data

We know how important the security of your data is, this is why our servers are based in France and respect the highest IT security protocols.

Visibility and simplified organization

Manage the visibility of documents according to the roles (public, expert, field operator, client, etc.). A simple and intuitive organization for viewing your documents.

Live assistance button

Insert a live video assistance button at the top of your hub. If the technician / customer did not find the information then he clicks on this button and goes live with your experts.

Caméras connectées Tikaway

We have developed our own connected cameras (E-glasses) in order to provide you a very user-friendly product. Particularly effective for teleporting to the field.

Work hands free

In certain conditions it is compulsory to have your hands free to work. It also increases the security of your field teams.

Easy to use

Even without training your teams will know how to use our cameras. In one click the view of the cameras is available on

Multi-support fixing

The camera modules can be attached to your glasses, your safety glasses, your helmet and any other accessory.

Live or recording mode

Broadcast the live video stream or save the video on the internal memory (training, report, etc.)

Quick access and integration

In order to be practical, our tools are easily and quickly accessible from different media. In order to provide the best experience for your customers, you can customize our tools to your identity, your colors, your brand.

Accès simplifié Tikaway

Simplified access

You can now set up our tools via quick and easy access.

QR codes / NFC tags

Afin d’associer des documents techniques ou un bouton live assistance à une machine, un lieu, un chantier, usine, etc…

Click to live

En 1 clic invitez vos utilisateurs à vous rejoindre en live.



You can customize the design of our tools to match yours.

In your website

Dans la page contact, intégrer un bouton live assistance qui ouvre votre centre d’assistance.

In your email signature

Ajouter un bouton live assistance dans votre signature d’Email.

Innovate for more efficiency.


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